Travel your butts off!

Cities I have lived or worked in:


Halifax Nova Scotia 
New York City
Los Angeles
Toronto Ontario
Ottawa Ontario
Quebec City Quebec
Sydney Australia

Travel is the best education. My work has been honored in six countries on four continents. This is as much a tribute to the many talented people

I have had the good fortune to work with, as it is to me. Oh yeah...I was also an artist with an M16 in the Marine Corps....Hoorah...

The art of building brands from a simple black and white logo, to an interactive communication delivery system. This is what we do.

Be honest with yourself and your client. Deliver an honest message and consumers will respond.

If you love what you do, dedicate your time to your work. The results (and the money) will come in time. Ignore the critics. Critics are like a-holes, everybody has one. Remember...God is in control, you are not. And for all of those who do not understand the previous statement, just assume there is a higher power.




If the money is slow coming in, take a second job. Actress Goldie Hawn is proud of her early years as a table dancer in order to make ends meet. Many famous Hollywood stars were once waiters and parking lot attendants before getting their first break. 


Movie star Harrison Ford is a carpenter. He was remodeling George Lucas' bathroom when George asked him if he wanted to be an actor in a movie he was making...the movie...American Graffiti. As you know, Harrison went on to make boatloads of cash in the Star Wars movies.

Steve Jobs had dropped out of college. It was only when he noticed a calligraphy class hand lettering the alphabet that he realized his love of typography and art. Money was slow in coming. On Sundays, Steve would walk several miles to get a free dinner from the Hare Krishnas. From there he and a friend developed the Apple computer. Steve went on to develop Pixar Studios and animated movies such as Toy Story. He sold Pixar Studios to Disney for 4.8 billion.

Stan Richards only had a two-year certificate from college yet went on to develop one of the hottest design firms in America.

Aristotle said we have three kinds of friends... those we work with, those we have fun with, and those who call us to a higher purpose. When you experience all three great things can happen.

Make every moment count.




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